We are a Cypress­‐based triathlon club and our members include runners, cyclists, swimmers, duathletes and triathletes. Cypress is a growing fitness minded community with high disposable income.We are veterans, newbies and everything in between. We are a fun, active group who spends money on lots of gear, gadgets, injury prevention and countless other things to fuel our multi-­‐sport lifestyle! In an effort to build our club through member benefits, we are looking for area sponsors. In return, we will support and help promote your business. We are a non-­‐profit corporation, approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(3), so your donations are tax-­‐deductible!

We have designed three different sponsorship levels to fit any promotional budget. Contact us for sponsorship options so we can introduce you to our members. We will work with your organization within your budget to provide positive recognition and exposure of your business. If your organization cannot provide monetary or product donations, we are interested in member discounts and are open to creative ideas. Our members love to support our sponsors! 



Endūr is a performance apparel brand created to acknowledge adversity in the pursuit of progress and celebrate the journey rather than the end result. Endūr has grown into an innovative brand that fosters a community where everyone, no matter their starting line, feels empowered to challenge the limits of what’s possible! Get 15% off your order with our members only discount code!

Designed and tested by the world's top athletes, Zealios products give athletes peace of mind on training day, race day, and in recovery and prevention. 25% off your order with a member only discount code!

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Special for members -

60 minute massage for $65

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Kim offers a variety of services; meal planning, sports nutrition, weight loss, cooking demonstration, etc. All members receive 10% off nutrition services